6-point checklist for creating and maintaining ESD-protected areas

ESD damage affects electronic components, is typically non-visible and may even pass through final product testing. You can actually work on components or products without having any idea of whether they have been damaged or not.

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In today's world, electronic components are handled in many working environments. It is therefore vital to ensure ESD protection, as this usually saves money and has a positive effect on product quality.

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ESD protection in technical and industrial workplaces:
a 6-point checklist for creating and maintaining ESD-protected areas

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This informational e-book lists 6 steps for setting up an ESD-protected area in your workplace. No matter whether you need just one workbench or a full-scale production line, the same principles apply to ensuring that ESD protection functions as it should.

Although ESD and its implications may sound somewhat technical, the good news is that setting up an EPA is straightforward when you know the basics, which you will have mastered after reading this practical and uncomplicated ESD e-book.


  • What do the acronyms ESD and EPA mean?
  • How does ESD damage occur and what are the implications?
  • Why should you invest in ESD protection
  • Concrete actions for setting up an EPA
  • How to maintain an EPA after its establishment?

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