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How to Create a Productive
Packing Station

For businesses pursuing eCommerce, an efficient fulfillment, packing, unpacking, and shipping process is critical. For brands to attract and retain their customers, they need a skilled workforce with the proper tools for peak performance and productivity, including their packing station.



  • The key features of an ideal packing station

  • How to compete in the eCommerce world with enhanced productivity

  • The LEAN and ergonomic benefits and the fulfilling environment of a proper packing station

  • A checklist for creating a competitive manual packing station

  • Customer cases of productive packing station success


How to Create a Productive Packing Station eBook from Treston, Download Your Copy Today


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This Treston guide will help you to plan a LEAN, ergonomic, sustainable, efficient, and highly competitive manual packing station. The solutions discussed here serve small web shops and start-ups as well as ecommerce retailers, mass merchandisers and large logistics centers. Every company dealing with manual packing can improve their productivity; get ahead of the competition with tools from Treston today.

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