6-Point Checklist for Creating & Maintaining ESD-Protected Areas

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs when two electronically charged objects come together and a charge is discharged, potentially resulting in immediate or latent damage to an electrical component. It’s important to create a safe working environment by ensuring your workspace is an ESD-Protected Area (EPA).

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ESD protection for both technical and industrial workplaces. Review our 6-point checklist for creating and maintaining ESD-protected areas.

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Protect Your Workspace with ESD-Protected Tools and Solutions

Our EPA e-book guide lists 6 steps for setting up an ESD-protected area in your workplace. Whether your workplace needs protected workbenches, table tops, shelves, cabinets, or chairs, there are steps you can take to ensure that you set up an EPA for your workers. Protect your full-scale production line from the consequences of electrostatic discharge.


  • How does ESD damage occur?
  • How can it be a safety risk in your workplace?
  • Why should you invest in ESD protection?
  • What are concrete actions for setting up an EPA?
  • How to maintain an EPA after its establishment?

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